29 Dec

I don’t look in the mirror  when I’m unclothed. Especially not when I can see my chest. I’m so used to it disturbing me and making me cry that I generally avoid being in the bathroom while nude. So it came as a complete shock yesterday after showering when I caught an accidental glimpse of my chest and  noticed an improvement on my left side.

Last year at this time I was still hooked up to the V.A.C machine 24/7 so to see an actual bona fide improvement stunned me to the point that I actually touched the remnants of my left breast. If you hadn’t guessed, that’s a big deal for me.

The big surprise? The place where the scar tissue is in the front is starting to fill out. It’s not nearly as blunt and squared off as it was. It’s becoming softer and more rounded. If I push the fat around it actually looks kind of like a breast.  So it seems the more I heal, the more promising my prospects are for great results for my reconstruction in May.

My right side is still a concave disaster area, but I’m clinging to the promise of what May brings.


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