Already Done and Over With

05 Nov

It’s odd to me how I could have been so anxious and downright terrified of complications from the latissimus flap procedure just a few weeks ago.  Now it’s as if the first procedure is already done and over with.  It seems bizarre that one brief discussion could calm and soothe my mind so well.  But it has.

Logically I understand that I’m up against a 2-day hospital stay, possible loss of strength in my back and general recovery from surgery.  I really feel like I can cope with that now.  It helps that I have such an incredible support system.  In the end though, until *I* was ready mentally, all the support in the world didn’t make the situation completely okay or safe.

Now that I’ve worked on this mental block, my next step is going to be losing weight and getting in better shape physically so that recuperation is easier.  That’s where the Wii Fit comes in.  I am so HORRIBLY out of shape that it’s laughable.

It all comes down to taking the process one step at a time and not rushing headlong into anything else.  That’s what got me into this predicament in the first place.


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